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  BL series Bar Array Light  




LED are arranged in high density rectangular array to provide an even and high illumination. The Bar Array Light can be mounted from low angle to top lighting with almost no length limitation.





l  Dual functionality - provide both bright filed and dark filed lighting in one light depend on mounted angle.

l  Even illumination – brightness of each section was evenly controlled even longer then 3M length.

l  High flexibility – bar lights can be combined or paralleled with to create a wide or large filed of view applications.

l  Strobe and continuous operation available.

l  Optional diffuse plate, extended cable.


l  General illumination, label inspection, printed inspection, code recognition.

l  Light source for precision measuring, packing sorting.

l  Edge detection, scratched on glass or shining surface.

l  Clean room or machine illumination.

  Available Models  



Working Distance (mm)

Dimension (mm)



0 - 80

62 x 20 x 20

Emitting Area 15 x 50



0 - 80

112 x 20 x 20

Emitting Area 15 x 100



0 - 80

1012 x 20 x 20

Emitting Area 15 x 1000












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