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Machine Vision Lighting
Constant Current Controller
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Ring Light-

Powerful illumination in a medium sized housing provides various kind of radiation angle. Slight weight, long lasting, stable, cost-effective and is the most popular ring light in our product line.


Coaxial Light-

Even illumination from 25 x 25 mm to more then 100 x 100 mm field of view for tele-centric lenses. Suited for inspecting or alignment on shining or secular surface.


Dot Light-

Best substitution of optical fiber light. Steady and long lasting illumination with compact, low weight and plenty colors.


Back Light-

LED are arranged in high density array to project outline and bottom of object. Various color and size can be selected.


Thin Back Light-

Only 11 mm Thickness. SMD LED are arranged in high density array to provide an even and high illumination in a compact housing. Long lasting, low heat generating and volume occupied.

@ BL

Bar Array Light-

LED are arranged in high density rectangular array to provide an even and high illumination. The Bar Array Light can be mounted from low angle to top lighting with almost no length limitation.


Angle Adjustable Light-

Compose of 4 units of BL series Bar Light. Each side can be adjusted angle to suit for different height and situations.

@ LL

Linear Light-

Provide a concentrate high intensity linear light. Especially suited for Line Scan Camera, Web Inspection and other applications need high intensity lights.




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