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  CHL Features Applications Available Models  
  CHL series Coaxial Light  




Provide an even illumination from 25 x 25 mm to more then 100 x 100 mm field of view for tele-centric lenses. Suited for inspecting or alignment on shining or secular surface.




l  Improves the accuracy and repeatability of machine vision performance on reflective surfaces inspection.

l  Integrated brightness intensity and flash time controller. (* Specific model)

l  External brightness intensity control available. (* Specific model)

l  Strobe and continuous operate available.

l  Beam splitter protected by coated easy clean optical glass on viewing window.

l  Compatible with various kind of CCD camera, can be mounted to thread part of lens.


l  Inspecting shining, highly reflective or specular objects.

l  IC wafer, TFT-LCD, Color Filter, Metal recognize or defect inspection.

l  Alignment or recognizing on PCB (Printed Circuit Board), Film.

  Available Models  



Working Distance (mm)

Dimension (mm)



0 - 60

76.5 x 31 x 33

Emitting Area 25x25

Field of View 10-25



0 - 60

101 x 60 x 57

Emitting Area 50x50

Field of View 25-50



0 - 60

151 x 106 x 106

Emitting Area 100x100

Field of View 50-100












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